Can E-mail Marketing Help Your Business? (Part 2)


Last week we gave you a quick rundown of the many benefits of e-mail marketing and filled you in on a few best practices. Join us for part two as we continue to delve into how to make your e-mails stand out from the crowd while appealing to your customers and prospects.

Tip #4: Consider Your Content & Layout

Pay close attention to what you include in your e-mail and how it will be displayed to the reader.

  • Keep e-mails short (under 750 words), relevant, and to the point
  • Use images sparingly and do not place text within pictures
  • Use short blocks of text to keep the reader’s attention
  • Break content up with descriptive headlines
  • Avoid “spammy” words/phrases, such as free, great offer, save up to…
  • Opt for a newsletter format if touching upon multiple topics

Tip #5: Link it Up

Direct readers to specific online platforms – such as your website, Facebook page, or their online account – by incorporating “buttons” or by hyperlinking keywords/phrases.

Tip #6: Track Your Statistics

Regularly monitor which of your campaigns have the best open rates. Generally, a campaign with an open rate of 20% or higher is considered a success, but this is heavily dependent on your industry.

Tip #7: Keep Your E-mail Database Up to Date

Keep stored e-mail addresses up to date by correcting or deleting invalid contact information. Poor quality data can lead to your domain being blacklisted by various servers, meaning your customers may not receive e-mails intended for them. Regular maintenance of your e-mail database will also ensure that you have the most current customer/prospect information on record, giving you the best chance at increasing business.

The above tips are meant as a guideline only – there is no “one size fits all” marketing strategy. You’ll need to do some exploring and run internal tests to find out what works best for your business. Good luck!

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