Weed Man Beats Out Competition Once Again

Named One of the Best Franchises to Buy by Forbes magazine

In 2015, Weed Man USA was honored with being named One of the Best Franchises to Buy by Forbes magazine. At that time, the company was ranked 10th, in the Lowest Investment Level < $150,000 category. One year later, Weed Man has made the cut again, but this year, taking 2nd place, out of ten available spots. Having risen eight spots on the list over the past 12 months proves what the company has been able to accomplish. The brand has an impressive track record of success and as we always say, we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Weed Man is accompanied by other franchise networks, but none of the company’s competitors were featured on any of Forbe’s three lists.

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Weed Man, the #1 franchised lawn care company in North America, has spent over 45 years building our brand. Our network, comprised of decades worth of lawn care operation experience, has strived to create outdoor green spaces and landscapes for customers, while staying true to the company’s core values; and we have been successful in our venture. In everything we do, there are systems that have been tested and proven to increase efficiency and profitability and by taking the time to create these procedures, we ensure the ability to duplicate our successes throughout the Weed Man network. Accolades such as this one are testament to that.

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Myths & Misperceptions About Landscapes

There are many myths and misperceptions about the importance of maintaining a healthy yard; and if you’re considering starting your own lawn and landscape business, you might want to put them to rest before starting your venture. Weed Man has got you covered, with help from the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Myths and Misperceptions About Landscape (2)

Owning a Weed Man franchise is not only financially rewarding; you can also be happy knowing you are contributing to a healthier environment, providing families in your community with a safe and fun place to create everlasting memories and so much more!

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Providing Healthy Landscapes is the Root of Happiness (pun intended)

FD - Healthy Landscapes Root of Happiness

As written by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), ‘American backyards are where toddlers learn to kick a ball, where teenagers play flashlight tag under the glow of the moon, where pets roam and where busy adults sink into hammocks and patio chairs to unwind. The lawns and landscape that provide a backdrop for these memory-making moments are indeed the root of happiness. They are good for our health, good for our communities and good for the environment.’ And that’s why we love what we do at Weed Man Lawn Care!

Healthy lawns keep our families safe by protecting us and our furry friends from disease carried by insects, such as fleas and ticks, mosquitoes and fire ants. Not only can these pesky beings cause problems on the lawn, they can also harm us and our families. A well-maintained lawn and Weed Man’s integrated pest management programs offer peace of mind.

A well-maintained turf also improves quality of life within our local communities. There’s no denying healthy lawns and beautiful landscapes act as peaceful havens for our families and friends to enjoy. Not to mention, a well-taken-care-of yard also offers incredible health benefits, including less allergies, less stress, lower blood pressure, improved attention and memory and reduced crime rates. Can you believe it?! We can!

Healthy landscapes are good for the environment, too! A healthy landscape cleans the air, trapping pollutants and improving air quality, providing us with oxygen to breathe in. They also act as natural coolants, minimize noise and protect bodies of water by absorbing unhealthy water runoff that might otherwise filter into lakes, streams and creeks.

What makes a healthy landscape? We do! At Weed Man, we pride ourselves on offering superior products, professional and courteous service, open communication and commitment to the environment. Care to join us in providing our local communities with healthy lawns?

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To learn more about the essential benefits available from lawns and landscapes, visit LoveYourLandscape.org.