Find Out What Makes Our Franchisees Successful!

At Weed Man, we’re proud to have a diverse group of franchisees representing a wide range of professional backgrounds – including landscaping, golf course industry, corporate America, pest control, lawn care conversion, and many others. Each and every one of our franchisees brings something unique to the table that helps the Weed Man brand flourish. Our year after year growth is a direct result of their hard work and dedication.

Take a look at these recent success profiles and discover people just like you who have made the transition to Weed Man franchise ownership:

David Waskey, Owner, Weed Man Louisville, KY

Jon & Vicky Cundiff, Sub Franchisors & Owners, Weed Man Kansas City, MO/Springfield, MO/Des Moines, IA/Fort Worth South, TX

Ken Bieber, Owner, Weed Man Buffalo East, NY

John Hotchkin & David Boyle, Owners, Weed Man Greenville, SC

Brandon Burns, Owner, Weed Man Arlington Heights, IL

Steve Sartorius, Owner, Weed Man Minneapolis, MN