Why to Invest in a Franchise

Franchising is in a class all of its own. Many people overlook franchise opportunities because they assume they won’t be in charge of their own business, but Weed Man franchisees are a great testament to how effective franchising is and how it can change someone’s life.

We have many Success Stories to tell. In fact, you can find our latest, written on Weed Man Fresno owner Jeff Kollenkark right here. Many other satisfied franchisees’ testimonials can be found on our website as well!

People typically will go into business for themselves because they get to call the shots and be their own boss, enjoy the convenience of having a flexible schedule, provide jobs within their communities and build a legacy for their family. With franchising, all of these things can be accomplished – you’re just not doing it alone. Here’s Why to Invest in a Franchise.

  1. An incredibly knowledgeable support system. The Weed Man family is made up of industry professionals who have decades of experience in lawn care or other related industries, such as landscaping and pest control.
  2. You don’t have to start from scratch. Weed Man was established over 45 years ago. Our systems have been practised, proven and improved over the years.
  3. New to entrepreneurship? We provide extensive 10-day training at our corporate office for all new Weed Man franchisees.
  4. With a proven business model and extensive business plan, Weed Man franchises are more likely to gain financing from financial institutions, as opposed to start-ups.
  5. Purchasing power. Need we say more?
  6. Weed Man has secured over $140 million in system sales, due to our franchisees’ hard work and commitment to the brand – numbers don’t lie!
  7. Lastly, Weed Man has an amazing reputation in the green industry, and more specifically in the franchising side of things. Recently, yet again, Weed Man made Entrepreneur’s Top 10 List. Weed Man has also been ranked by Forbes as One of the Best Franchises to Buy.

If you are interested in learning more about franchise opportunities in your area, visit us at www.weedmanfranchise.com or call us at 888-321-9333.

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