Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Weed Man Franchise

There are many perks to franchising, especially with Weed Man! Check out our Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Weed Man Franchise.

Brand Awareness

One of the most obvious reasons why franchising is a better option than starting from the bottom, is the fact that you’re buying into an already-established brand. Weed Man has been around for over 45 years. We are the fastest growing lawn care franchise in North America, having added 40+ territories to our roster in 2015 alone.

Proven Systems

With a strong brand and 45 years in the industry, comes a lot of conceiving and testing our systems. We are constantly innovating to provide our customers and franchisees with the most efficient and effective way of doing things. We offer Weed Man owners proprietary software and extensive business planning to ensure nothing but success.

Easier to Obtain Financing

With an extremely thorough business plan, obtaining financing is much easier. Don’t believe us? Listen to this testimonial where Brandon Burns, owner of Weed Man Arlington Heights, IL discusses his experience with applying for financing.

Track Record of Success

Weed Man has a great reputation in the franchise industry. Entrepreneur has ranked Weed Man the #1 Franchise in Lawn Care and we have also been named One of the Best Franchises to Buy by Forbes magazine. Over the 45 years in operation, we have witnessed several franchisees become successful and with our exponential growth and continuous innovation, we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Extensive Training Provided

When a new franchisee comes aboard, Weed Man hosts extensive training at our corporate headquarters located in Oshawa, Ontario. Everything from administration to marketing to technical and agronomics is covered. Meet the entire head office staff and learn more about why the Weed Man opportunity is so great!

Ongoing Support

New franchisee training isn’t the last you’ll hear from head office. The Weed Man team and your local sub-franchisor are always just a phone call or email away. Not to mention, when you invest in Weed Man, you are part of a family. Your fellow franchisees would be happy to lend a hand, if ever needed.

Marketing Assistance

Need help creating a marketing piece? Contact us! Need help with your social media efforts? We’re here for you. Interested in gaining some PR for your local initiative? No problem! Whatever your need, the Weed Man team is here to support you and the success of your business.

Purchasing Power

Purchasing power is a big advantage of buying into a big franchise such as Weed Man. We have approved vendors for just about everything new Weed Man owners require. When supplying for more than 455 territories, the savings are tremendous.

Hard Work is Rewarded

At Weed Man, we strive to be successful and when our franchisees do a great job, we let them know. Celebrating hard work is important and a great motivator for anyone. In addition to celebrating your everyday successes, we also distribute several awards at our Annual Conference and announce when a franchisee has become a part of our network’s coveted ‘Million Dollar Club.’

Exclusive Territory and Option to Own Multiple Locations

Weed Man has franchises across the country and is even sold out in Canada! When you join the Weed Man team, you invest in your own, exclusive territory, which typically services around 150,000 people. You also have the ability to buy more than one territory. In fact, most Weed Man owners start out with at least two. Want to expand in a different market? No problem! Become a multi-unit franchisee today!

For more information on franchise opportunities in your area, visit us at or call us at 888-321-9333.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Weed Man Franchise

#BusinessTips with Weed Man’s COO

Over the years Weed Man has remained the #1 Franchise in Lawn Care. The company has also been named One of the Best Franchises to Buy by Forbes magazine. Last year alone, the company secured over $83 million in system sales, a 13% increase over 2014. For 2016, the organization is on track to hit the $100 million mark, as we expect to add as many as 50 new territories throughout the United States. Weed Man COO Jennifer Lemcke has helped grow the company “from humble beginnings – one customer at a time.”  And with that said, the savvy business woman has some words of advice for business owners across the globe.

What productivity hack ensures you’re hitting your top priorities and focusing on the right tasks?

I use Outlook religiously – for to-do lists, reminders, scheduling for my personal life and business, appointments, sports games etc. But, if I’m feeling really overwhelmed, I will go ‘back to the basics’ and set up a binder, organize it, highlight things, make indexes and check tasks off as they’re completed. It brings a level of calmness to me.

How did your past work experiences impact your leadership style today?

I have been blessed to have great mentors throughout my working life. The one thing I’ve learned from them over the years is simple: be nice to people and listen. Say ‘hello’ in the morning, smile and be positive. Talk and give your opinion where needed, but also listen to what people have to say, reflect and take other people’s opinions to heart.

Weed Man is very customer-service focused and committed to informing their customers. How do you train that type of commitment?

Every single employee who could possibly be in contact with a customer has a training program, not just outlining the basics, but also explaining the appropriate attitude to have and how to act. A great definition of customer service is ‘a wave’ and with that, comes an analogy that I love to use. When you’re sitting in traffic and someone is trying to merge, if you let them in and they wave and smile, you feel satisfied and happy; but if the driver who merges doesn’t wave or acknowledge your kind act, drivers will typically become agitated and depending on their driving style, could mutter something under their breath, follow tightly behind that car or not let anyone else merge in front of them. It’s the same way in business. Smile, be positive, acknowledge your customers’ needs and desires and they’ll keep letting you in…or, in Weed Man’s case, they’ll keep letting you service their lawn. It’s that simple!

If you are interested in learning more about franchise opportunities in your area, visit us at or call us at 888-321-9333.

#BusinessTips from WM COO

Weed Man’s Reputation

With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Weed Man has always strived to give customers a beautiful and healthy lawn to enjoy. Not only do our integrated services provide peace of mind, but also result in increased property values. We know lawn care and we tailor our programs for each individual green space.

In everything we do, there are systems based upon measurable results, which have been tested, improved and ultimately proven to increase efficiency and profitability. Proprietary software and algorithms have also been created to ensure ease of operation and uniformity in the measurement of our franchisees’ results.

In addition to our experience as a company, our proven systems and ease of operation, the entire Weed Man organization is completely dedicated to providing franchisees with the best possible opportunity available. We’ve developed extensive training programs and have an unparalleled support network. Every Weed Man franchisee is supported by their local and experiences franchisor who serves as a personal consultant and mentor, providing experience, guidance and encouragement along the way.

With all of this in mind, there’s no doubting how we have achieved such a phenomenal reputation in the industry. Last year we were named One of the Best Franchises to Buy by Forbes magazine and year after year, Entrepreneur has named us the #1 Franchise in Lawn Care on the Franchise 500® list. In fact, Weed Man has jumped 5 spots from 2014 and a whopping 305 spots since 2009.

Weed Man's Reputation.jpg

Finishing up last year with $84 million in annual system sales, it is evident that our franchisees have been working hard and achieving success in their businesses. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to grow! We plan to hit the $100 million mark by the end of this year. Are you interested in helping us meet our goal and making a name for yourself? We have many opportunities available across the U.S. Call us today at 888-321-9333 for more information, or visit us at

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Weed Man’s 2016 Initiatives

Happy New Year! With 2016 finally here and a new lawn care season just a few months down the road, the entire Weed Man team is excited for what has yet to come.

Last year was a great year for us. Collectively, the company secured an impressive $84 million in system sales, was named One of the Best Franchises to Buy by Forbes magazine, was ranked #7 on Entrepreneur’s Top 10 list and opened several new franchise locations across the United States.

With a new year, come new opportunities. There is so much that we have to look forward to for this coming year, including new technologies, new innovations, as well as new products.

Our 2016 Initiatives

We are getting ready to launch an exciting new website at the Weed Man headquarters. With an expected launch date of February 2016, our new site will boast a new and modern design and will offer similar functionalities as our current site, but new and improved for added convenience, making it extremely user-friendly.

We are excited to offer our franchisees new technology, which will Weed Man owners to target specific demographics and areas in their market, making marketing, advertising and recruitment a breeze.

All of our 2016 initiatives are being implemented to help our company, our franchisees, our business, reach a goal; and together, that goal is attainable. In 2016, Weed Man is on track to reach $100 million in system sales!

Join the Extended Weed Man Family Today!

If you’re looking for an exciting new opportunity that offers limitless growth potential, an unparalleled support system who are committed to helping you grow your business, an undeniable reputation in the industry and so much more, Weed Man may be for you!

If you own an existing business and are looking to diversify or are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to secure your future and/or leave a legacy for your family, no matter your industry background, Weed Man can help you achieve your career aspirations. For additional information on franchise opportunities in your area, call us at 1-888-321-9333 or visit us online at

2016 New Year Initiatives