#BusinessTips with Weed Man’s COO

Over the years Weed Man has remained the #1 Franchise in Lawn Care. The company has also been named One of the Best Franchises to Buy by Forbes magazine. Last year alone, the company secured over $83 million in system sales, a 13% increase over 2014. For 2016, the organization is on track to hit the $100 million mark, as we expect to add as many as 50 new territories throughout the United States. Weed Man COO Jennifer Lemcke has helped grow the company “from humble beginnings – one customer at a time.”  And with that said, the savvy business woman has some words of advice for business owners across the globe.

What productivity hack ensures you’re hitting your top priorities and focusing on the right tasks?

I use Outlook religiously – for to-do lists, reminders, scheduling for my personal life and business, appointments, sports games etc. But, if I’m feeling really overwhelmed, I will go ‘back to the basics’ and set up a binder, organize it, highlight things, make indexes and check tasks off as they’re completed. It brings a level of calmness to me.

How did your past work experiences impact your leadership style today?

I have been blessed to have great mentors throughout my working life. The one thing I’ve learned from them over the years is simple: be nice to people and listen. Say ‘hello’ in the morning, smile and be positive. Talk and give your opinion where needed, but also listen to what people have to say, reflect and take other people’s opinions to heart.

Weed Man is very customer-service focused and committed to informing their customers. How do you train that type of commitment?

Every single employee who could possibly be in contact with a customer has a training program, not just outlining the basics, but also explaining the appropriate attitude to have and how to act. A great definition of customer service is ‘a wave’ and with that, comes an analogy that I love to use. When you’re sitting in traffic and someone is trying to merge, if you let them in and they wave and smile, you feel satisfied and happy; but if the driver who merges doesn’t wave or acknowledge your kind act, drivers will typically become agitated and depending on their driving style, could mutter something under their breath, follow tightly behind that car or not let anyone else merge in front of them. It’s the same way in business. Smile, be positive, acknowledge your customers’ needs and desires and they’ll keep letting you in…or, in Weed Man’s case, they’ll keep letting you service their lawn. It’s that simple!

If you are interested in learning more about franchise opportunities in your area, visit us at www.weedmanfranchise.com or call us at 888-321-9333.

#BusinessTips from WM COO

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