Exploring the Common Myths of Owning a Lawn Care Business

A question we get asked a lot at Weed Man, especially from franchisee prospects, is ‘what do you do during the off-season?’ Many people believe that lawn and landscape companies put their businesses on hold in the colder months, which isn’t true. There are many things business owners can do to keep their business and employees thriving during the winter. With the summer months coming to a close, today we’re going to explore the most common myths of starting a lawn care business by discussing several things Weed Man owners do when, baby, it’s cold outside!

Myth: Lawn and landscape companies close during the winter.

Debunked! This is one of the biggest myths out there. In fact, lawn and landscape businesses that simply close during the winter months often have low employee retention rates and also experience difficulties when trying to gain momentum in the new season. Several business owners in our industry decide to diversify and offer season-relevant services, such as snow plowing or holiday lighting. However, there are still several ways to keep busy and generate revenue if companies do not offer winter services. The off-season is a great time to run a thriving sales room, meet and plan for the upcoming season, and make structural improvements in preparation for the following season.

Myth: Lawn care employees get laid off each winter season because they have no work to do.

Debunked! There is always something to be done during the winter season, regardless of whether or not technicians are needed in the field. The off-season gives businesses the chance to tend to vehicles and equipment, as well as focus on training. This is also a great time to acquire new customers for the upcoming season- a project that requires a steady employee base.  As a Weed Man franchisee, you’ll always be building on a growing database of renewing customers, creating equity and expanding your business in the process.

Myth: Lawn care businesses don’t generate revenue in the off-season.

Debunked! We’re sure there are probably lawn care businesses out there who don’t work at all during the off-season. At Weed Man, we believe the colder months are a great time to sell, sell, sell and plan for the upcoming season. We encourage franchise owners to offer early sign-on incentives to customers to keep the momentum going all year long. Offering discounted rates for pre-paying is a great way to generate revenue during the winter season. Additionally, our skilled corporate team has mastered the art of marketing lawn care, no matter the season. We are the #1 lawn care franchise, after all! Not to mention that our services run through to the fall months and start in early spring.

Myth: If a recession hits, lawn care companies will go out of business fast.

Debunked! Year after year, research shows a significant increase in the use of professional lawn and landscape services. Despite the ongoing vulnerability of the economy, lawn care services continue to be a desired service by dual-income families, maturing baby boomers and consumers who are choosing to enjoy vacations at home. Across all of these demographics, consumers understand the value of a healthy looking lawn and landscape and enjoy the tranquility that a lush, green lawn can provide. Lawn care is just a small slice of the consumer’s disposable income and one of the last budget items to be cut when belt-tightening is necessary. While nothing is recession-proof, many of our companies have flourished during recessions. Also shielding lawn care from exposure to recession is its high perceived value as a low-cost service that enhances both property value and pride of ownership. In fact, studies have shown that professional lawn and landscape services can add as much as 15% to a home’s value at resale.

Yes, lawn care businesses are booming in the spring and summer months. After all, this is when our lawns need the most care; however, as we’ve laid out above, there are still ways to successfully run your lawn care business in the winter. With the support of a franchise, especially, there are also ways to maintain recurring revenues.

If owning a lawn care business is something you’ve considered, or if you already own a business and are looking for an additional profit center, Weed Man is a great option and we would be happy to meet with you to determine whether it would be a good fit for us both. For more information on franchising with Weed Man USA, visit http://www.weedmanfranchise.com.

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