Why Proper Training and Support Are Imperative

At Weed Man USA, we believe that proper training and support are imperative. Whether new employees are experienced in the industry or not, training is a great opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all staff members. We encourage franchisees to provide ongoing support to all of their staff, to support the success of employees and allow them to handle any issues they may have on the field or in the office, with more confidence. In a franchised business like ours, franchisees can utilize Weed Man’s large network of experienced and knowledgeable contacts to train appropriately, rather than spending a large part of their budget on development, like many independent businesses do. A little bit of training goes a long way, providing both the company and the employee with benefits that make regular training worthwhile. These benefits include:

Employee Satisfaction & Improved Performance

Giving employees the opportunity to learn while on the job is a great way to boost morale. Taking the time to work with staff will help improve the overall performance of your team. Supporting your team members in their roles will also provide them with more confidence that will ultimately result in a better overall employee retention rate. Everyone wins!

Less Supervision

As mentioned above, when employees are equipped with proper training, everyone benefits. Less supervision is required on behalf of the employer, eliminating the need for micromanagement. This also goes hand-in-hand with boosting employee morale, as your team will feel trusted and work harder to maintain that trust.

Chances of Promotion

Not only does ongoing training increase employee confidence, it is also a tried and true method of molding your employees into the brand ambassadors you want them to be, giving you the confidence to promote key players. This will save you time and stress when you need a position filled; rather than hiring externally and having to spend hours of time training a new employee, you can simply provide existing employees with increased responsibilities and career opportunities.

Opportunity to Address Weaknesses

Training is an integral part of bettering your business. Inevitably, employees will always have different personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. One-on-one training sessions will allow you, as a business owner, to address their weaknesses in an appropriate way, allowing them to learn and work with more confidence.

Fewer In-Field Accidents

Health and safety is always a concern. It is important that we keep our employees safe. Proper training helps lower the number of in-field accidents, especially in industries where large machinery is used.

When Weed Man USA brings a new franchisee on board, we provide extensive, 10-day training at our head office in Ontario, Canada. We take the time to really teach new franchisees about our systems and our business model as a whole. Additional training is always available down the road, anytime our ‘zees’ feel the need to spruce up their skills or take a refresher course in business systems, marketing, admin, or agronomics. Proper training and support largely contribute to the success of Weed Man, and remain one of the reasons we have become North America’s leading national lawn care franchise.

If you own a business in the green industry and are looking for an additional profit center, or if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and are interested in learning more about franchise opportunities with Weed Man USA, visit http://www.weedmanfranchise.com.

Training and Support

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