Frequently Asked Questions

The opportunity to franchise with Weed Man is an exciting one. Of course, there are always preliminary questions candidates must ask before making the decision to go forward with the process. See below for a list of common FAQs.

Is Weed Man a franchise system?

Yes, it is. Franchises provide many advantages. Among them are proven systems (training, marketing and business planning, to name a few), processes and support. In the business world, smaller players are often swallowed up by larger corporations, causing many small businesses to struggle without the proper systems in place. Franchising, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy the stability of a larger organization, while still maintaining independence.

You can learn more about Weed Man’s commitment to training and proven systems here.

What services do you offer?

Weed Man specializes in lawn fertilization and weed control, as well as a wide variety of other optional services (varies by location). And great customer service, of course!

How does it work when I am already offering those services in my existing business?

The companies that we bring on that already offer our main services within their existing business(es) set up lawn fertilization and weed control as a separate division of their current company, but under the Weed Man name. Doing it this way allows our franchisees to continue to offer their other services under their existing name, as well as utilize the national brand recognition we have.

What does it cost?

This is a question we get a lot. At the end of the day, it’s less about the cost and more about the investment. The exact number depends on the size of the market area/number of territories that the interested candidate wants to service.  Our franchise fee for a single territory is $20,000, plus training fees and start-up costs.

You can learn more about capital requirements and what your investment includes here.

What sets Weed Man apart from other lawn care franchises?

Although we are in the same industry and offer similar services to other lawn care franchises, there are several factors that set up apart from the competition:

  • Our exclusive, golf course quality slow-release fertilizer
  • The best support in the industry in the form of regional sub franchisors and a dedicated corporate team
  • Low start-up costs
  • A successful direct marketing approach that truly helps our franchisees grow and develop their businesses
  • Locally owned and operated franchises

To add to the list, Weed Man was recently named one of the top 10 “Best Franchises to Buy” in our investment category, by Forbes. We were the only lawn care franchise that made the cut. Weed Man has also been honored by Entrepreneur Magazine as the number one lawn care franchise in the country.

Do you offer discounts to veterans?

Yes, we provide franchise fee discounts and various financing options for qualified veterans. Weed Man believes in military personnel, past and present, and strives to help them transition back into the business world. Many veterans possess qualities such as assertiveness, leadership, and strong judgment skills, making them the perfect candidates for Weed Man franchise ownership.

Learn more about our military opportunities here.

If owning a business is something that you’ve seriously considered, or if you already own a business and are looking for an additional profit center, Weed Man is a great option. We would be happy to meet you, guide you and help you form a strategic partnership! For more information on franchising with Weed Man USA, visit

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