Reasons to Love Entrepreneurship with Weed Man

Weed Man has a robust marketing system that is scalable and allows you to grow at the pace you want.

“We became a Weed Man franchisee because we wanted brand recognition, marketing, support and growth.  Weed Man truly has a robust marketing system that is scalable and allows you to grow at the pace you want. I found their commitment to franchisee support, in every aspect of the business, to be outstanding. Our business has grown over 10 times since we became a franchisee.”

– Stephen Hillenmeyer, Weed Man Lexington, KY and Stephen Hillenmeyer Landscape Services, Weed Man franchise owner since 2002

Weed Man is proven to be a recession-resistant business that experiences growth year over year.

“We started our business in the fall of 2008, at the beginning of the economic downturn.  However, we built a business plan with an aggressive marketing outline and followed that plan to meet our goals.  In the first several years, we have seen tremendous growth in our company.  In fact, we doubled our customer count from year 1 to year 2. In our 4th Year, we were almost at 5 times the amount of customers as we did in our first year.  Looking forward, based on our historical data, we are predicting many more years of extensive growth, even in a down economy.”

– Andy Behrens, Weed Man Champaign, IL, Weed Man franchise owner since 2009

As a Weed Man owner you are building equity in a marketable business.

“We have been able to show growth year over year since we bought our Weed Man franchise.  It has proven to be a recession-resistant business.  Anyone looking at buying any type of business, regardless of if they are already in the green industry or not should definitely consider a Weed Man franchise!  The value of our renewing customer base and outstanding products/services is unmatched in our industry.  We know that we are building a sustainable legacy to pass along to our family and provide a very nice retirement lifestyle in the future.”

– Kim & Mark Kosberg, Weed Man Midland, MI., Weed Man franchise owner since 2007

Being part of Weed Man instantly offers group purchasing strength.

As soon as we purchased our first Weed Man franchise, we immediately saw the benefits of the purchasing power.  Our small lawn care company could not compete with some of the larger companies such as Weed Man, because we would go to local service centers and basically be spending double on any of the products that we needed.  We realized that our profit margins were not where we wanted them.  Now that we are a Weed Man franchise, we have seen our profit margins skyrocket and it is all because of the number of Weed Man dealers out there, driving prices down.  We are no longer that small fish in the large sea!”

– Thomas Ladd, Weed Man Louisville, Ky. Weed Man franchise owner since 2006

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