Why Lawn Care?

Why Lawn Care

Are you considering starting your own business? Franchising could be the option for you! Become a part of an already-established company in the green industry. But, why lawn care?

A greater percentage of homeowners are hiring professional lawn and landscape maintenance companies. Dual income families and maturing Baby Boomers alike, people with more disposable income, are employing the services of the green industry so they can spend more time enjoying life and to ease the burdens of maintaining their homes. In addition to the increased priority of living life to the fullest, consumers are starting to recognize the value of a home lawn and a professionally maintained one at that! Many “do-it-yourselfers” are proof enough – the price of the products, the hassle of mixing and applying those products and, of course, the angst of uncertain results are all viable factors as to why Weed Man services over 350,000 customers. A lush and healthy turf also promotes a healthy environment and can even increase the value of a home, further increasing the demand for our services.

As a Weed Man franchisee, you’ll have access to our proven business model, exclusive software, an unparalleled support system and so much more! You’ll have all of the tools required to take advantage of the success the green industry is seeing. Not to mention, you can count on majority of your customers automatically renewing their contract with you each year, providing you and your business with recurring revenues and allowing the company to focus marketing efforts on net growth rather than repeat sales, leaving you with the confidence of knowing your business is constantly expanding.

And despite the ongoing vulnerability of the economy, our business plan is as recession-resistant as possible. Lawn care services continue to be a desired service by many homeowners. Across all demographics, consumers understand the value of a healthy looking lawn and our services allot for only a small slice of -the average consumer’s disposable income. While nothing is 100% recession-proof, many of our franchisees have flourished during recessions.

Join Weed Man today! For more information on opportunities in your area, visit us at www.weedmanfranchise.com or call 888-321-9333.

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