New Year. New Technology. New Beginning?

At Weed Man, we’re constantly aiming to improve the overall experience for our customers, all while helping our franchisees better their businesses and innovating to stay aligned with industry trends. Over the past 45 years, not a lot has changed in terms of Weed Man’s business plan, but with technology booming, it’s important that the brand continues to grow in the digital space.

Saying this, customers, franchisees and potential Weed Man owners can expect our new website to launch TODAY! Are you interested in seeing our new look? The easy-to-navigate design and image-based content is what the new and improved Weed Man site is all about. Visit us at!

Not only does Weed Man offer top-of-the-line marketing support, the head office team is also available for help in administration, agronomics, social media and so much more! We even take care of franchisees’ public relation needs. And to take results to the next level in 2016, our PR firm has added a wide array of new technologies to help extend our reach to thousands of additional media outlets, both traditional and online. The new platforms provide increased media monitoring and results tracking for the whole brand, nationwide.

Check out some of our latest secured placements below:

When it comes to creating a name for ourselves online, it’s safe to say we’re doing a pretty good job. A new website, numerous secured placements, both local and national, and not to mention, we’re also very active on social media! Want to see for yourself?

Check us out on social:

A new year means new technology and many new things to come for Weed Man! Are you interested in a new beginning? If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities in your area, contact us today at 888-321-9333or visit

New Year


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