A Leadership Q & A with Weed Man COO Jennifer Lemcke

What is the best job you’ve had? Running the marketing rooms during my earlier years with

Weed Man. I loved being a part of that and watching the company grow, as well as working and

motivating people.

What about the worst? Definitely when I first started out at Weed Man, doing the physical

work of being out on the lawns was tough. It’s not an easy job!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? When you’re hit with a challenge, don’t think

you’re alone. Reach out to others and LISTEN to what they have to say and learn. It’s okay not

to have all of the answers. One of my biggest assets is having a great network to reach out to.

My fellow sub franchisors are truly family, and it’s nice to be able to depend on their

backgrounds and expertise for support.

What has been your biggest challenge? Being the boss’s daughter. I work harder and longer all

the time so people don’t think I was handed this job on a silver platter. I work twice as hard to

alleviate that. I don’t want to be ashamed of my job and accomplishments, so I am always

trying to prove people wrong. I have been on several boards and have grown my career outside

of Weed Man.

Have you ever experienced a “fork in the road?” Definitely! When I become a mother. As a

woman, it was very difficult. I always want to be the best COO I can be, but also be the best

mother. Weed Man was growing very quickly and working long hours was a struggle at times. I

eventually found balance by hiring a nanny who is still very much a part of the family.

Sometimes, I travelled more than I was in the office. I am so very proud of all three of my

children. They have all become leaders in their own way! I love the ‘compass’ – grounded, but

off kilter just a little bit. Right now, it is aligned with where I need to be.

How do you achieve a good work/life balance? I’m not very good at this, but I’m getting

better. Family, work, myself (in that order). I’m good at some of it, but not great at a lot of it. I

enjoy watching my kids play sports, coaching and being on the bench. I work more to have

more time to do things like that, so my kids know they can lean on me if they need it.

Are there any quirky or unique things that are a part of your daily routine? Coffee. I love my

coffee! I am very energetic and hands-on. The thought of ‘I am COO of Weed Man’ never

crossed my mind.

When is the best time for brainstorming? In the shower. I wake up and my brain just comes to

life with all of these ideas in my head. My drive to the office is also very important to me for

this reason.

What technology helps with productivity? Outlook.

What’s next for Jennifer and Weed Man? To continue growing a strong, respected and national

brand. To stay relevant to and support franchisees. And I would potentially consider expanding

into other brands in the future.

Chief Operating Officer of Weed Man USA

2 thoughts on “A Leadership Q & A with Weed Man COO Jennifer Lemcke

  1. We love the candor and insight from you Jennifer. When you have a passion for a business like you obviously do, it sure speaks volumes about your company and franchise. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. You rock!

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