The Benefits of Diversifying & Cross-Selling

Starting and maintaining any business, in any industry, isn’t an easy feat. Franchising, though, provides business owners with proven systems and tools for success. If you own a landscaping company, for example, diversifying your services by expanding the lawn care segment of your business can be a lucrative option to help you achieve long-term success. And from an owner’s perspective, there are many benefits to cross-selling by franchising with Weed Man USA.

Maximize Profitability

Our business model at Weed Man is designed to help maximize your profitability, giving you the opportunity to cross-sell between both your existing company and your Weed Man franchise. We offer franchisees in-house, proprietary software to help produce and send out email campaigns, promoting our services, current discounts and any other interesting news. This is just one of the many great ways to cross-sell and promote your existing landscaping business and additional services that may be available to your customers. Aligning yourself with a national brand never hurt, either!


In many markets, particularly in the North and Midwest, landscaping services aren’t needed all year long, forcing industry owners to put their businesses on hold during the colder months. However, Weed Man services start in the early spring and run right through to the late fall. In the few months of off-time, franchisees are busy business planning, hiring, and selling for the year ahead, allowing them to maintain a full-year, recurring revenue stream. We also encourage Weed Man owners to offer early sign-on incentives to customers.

Benefitting Customers

Diversification also benefits customers, and keeping your customers happy should always be a priority. By expanding the existing lawn care segment of your business, customers are able to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by only having to hire one company, rather than two. If you already have a loyal customer-base, this should be a breeze!

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of cross-selling services between green industry businesses – or if you’re interested in learning more regarding Weed Man franchise opportunities in your area, visit us at


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