The Story Behind Weed Man

When looking into franchising opportunities, being able to relate to the brand and the background of the company is imperative; and so, for any of you who don’t know how Weed Man came to be, this is our story…

In 1970, over four decades ago, Weed Man was founded by a couple named Des and Brenda Rice. The name ‘Weed Man’ happened coincidentally when Des decided to start a weed control business within his local community. The kids would yell “Mom, the weed guy is here,” “Dad, the weed man is here!” any time Des pulled up to a home, ready to start a job. This eventually led Des to the bright idea of keeping it simple and naming his company after his nick name, inspired by the neighborhood children. In 1976, Weed Man started franchising in Canada. Years later, in the summer months, Des and Brenda were having a barbecue and their neighbors, the Mongeons, were over for a bite to eat. While everyone was socializing in the yard, Roger Mongeon, now the CEO of Weed Man, and Des, were discussing business in the basement. At the time, Roger was actively pursuing business opportunities and after much debate between different industries and reviewing Des’ business plan, he decided to franchise with Weed Man in 1986 and he couldn’t have made a better decision! From there, the business grew quickly. Roger purchased seven more territories in Montreal and gathered a group of shareholders to expand into Ontario. Soon after, in 1992, Weed Man franchises were sold out in Canada. Roger’s daughter, Jennifer, and her partner Chris, were in university, when Roger asked them both if they wanted to join in on his venture with Weed Man. They both saw the wealth and success of the business and knew it would be a great opportunity. Now, Jennifer Lemcke, COO of Weed Man and her husband Chris Lemcke, National Technical Director, are seeing nothing but ongoing success in their future. Weed Man is now an international brand, having expanded into the US after selling out in Canada and even opening locations in the UK. Weed Man is the top lawn care franchise in North America and was just recently named one of the “Best Franchises to Buy” by Forbes. You can read more on Weed Man’s history here.

Weed Man is proud to have started several partnerships with franchisees across the nation and helped them all achieve the success and freedom they deserve. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about franchising with Weed Man, visit

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