Making the Move to Franchise Ownership

ImageWe recently had a Q & A with Weed Man sub franchisor Phil Fogarty. Fogarty owned a lawn service company for years before transitioning into Weed Man franchise ownership. Find out why he decided to make the move and how Weed Man’s systems have helped him achieve both personal and business success.

1. Tell us about how, when, where, and why you got into your non-Weed Man business. Why did you want to start your own company?

I think it’s noteworthy to mention that I am in the lawn care business because I was very allergic to grass. To ensure my mother’s lawn didn’t need to be mowed often during the summer, I would cut it as low as I could and never water it. When I had brought it to the brink of destruction, she called in a local lawn guy, Crowley’s Lawn Service, to fix it. Mr. Crowley eventually became a family friend.

Back then I was working nights and going to school for marketing during the day. Mr. Crowley asked me if I wanted to learn the business and buy him out in a few years. So I quit school and started learning how to make grass grow.

2. What attracted you to Weed Man initially?

During my years learning and growing Crowley’s Lawn Service, I realized how difficult it was to create the systems it takes to make a business successful. There was no road map and no support. It was just me winging it as I went along each week. After I attended a seminar, I would want to change everything and try a new process. I drove everyone who worked for me crazy with the latest ideas and wasted a ton of time.

After we sold Crowley’s to a big brand name, I had the opportunity to start all over with a clean slate. The thought of having to create new marketing, admin and technical systems was overwhelming. Like an answer to a prayer I got a call from an industry friend who asked me to check out this company called Weed Man. After the first meeting, I realized the systems that Weed Man had created were the best I had ever seen and far better than anything I would have the time to create on my own. Add a product line that I would never be able to afford to use for my customers independently and I was ready to get started.

3. How has Weed Man helped your franchise succeed?

Weed Man simplifies the process. There is an incredible planning system that creates a road map to success. Step by step, week by week, line by line…all we have to do is work the plan.

Tracking keeps us from duplicating efforts and helps us to focus on what really matters to the customer. The systems make it simple to add new customers as we take great care of our current ones. Everything is scalable and allows us to see continued growth for years into the future.

Without the systems of Weed Man, we would have maxed out a long time ago…way short of the potential our market has.

4. What would you say to candidates considering diversifying with Weed Man? How would you help eliminate their fears? 

As I network with other Weed Man franchisees, there are at least 2 universal thoughts we all share. First, the training and support that we have received from Weed Man has made us better business people. We are better at running not only our Weed Man operations, but our other businesses that may be related as well (we have many landscape and pest control folks who have diversified). Second, we all wished we would have come across Weed Man sooner. We would be that much further ahead.

It’s always challenging to start something new and grow beyond where you thought you could. With a partner like Weed Man, getting to the next level seems like a natural step on your way to realizing your business dreams.

Find out if Weed Man is right for you. Contact us today for your free consultation:

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