Forget New Year’s Resolutions – Make An Action Plan!


Happy 2017! Welcome to a new year filled with opportunity for you and your business.

As you gear up for the year ahead, consider throwing more traditional resolution-making out the window. Why? Resolutions are often too vague and lack the process map needed to attain goals. That’s why Weed Man recommends making an action plan. An action plan is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that will help you along the path toward reaching your goal(s). It gives you a workable checklist that will hold you more accountable throughout the year.

Below are a few samples to help you rethink your goal-setting strategy and turn those vague resolutions into detailed plans: Sample goal #1: Provide better customer service.

Sample action plan #1: I will aim to improve my company’s customer service department by:

  • Implementing paid, hands-on training workshops with my staff every Thursday morning at 8:00 am.
  • Introducing a performance-based reward system to motivate members of the department.
  • Recording calls for quality assurance purposes and providing feedback to members of my staff.

Sample goal #2:
Make more money online this year.

Sample action plan #2: I will attempt to grow in the digital space by:

  • Investing in pay-per-click and mobile advertising.
  • Getting involved in social media.
  • Making improvements to my company’s website.

Sample goal #3:
 Keep my employees longer.

Sample action plan #3: I will improve employee retention by:

  • Revamping our company’s pay structure.
  • Providing regular feedback to staff members.
  • Creating a monthly social hour with free drinks and snacks to help build employee morale.

See the difference? Try it yourself! Remember: an action plan will keep you focused by honing in on the steps needed to help you reach your goals.

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