Why Diversify?

By: Jennifer Lemcke, Chief Operating Officer – Weed Man USA 

Chief Operating Officer of Weed Man USAMany business owners contemplate diversification to keep up with their competitors, enhance customer satisfaction and retention, and grow their businesses at a faster rate. Weed Man’s franchise network includes owners of landscaping companies, Christmas décor operations, and pest control businesses (to name a few!), many of whom made the decision to invest in lawn care as a way to expand their service offerings and, as a result, increase profitability.

Diversification of a business, if done properly, can increase revenue and profits.  It can make a business stronger and allow key employees continued growth within the organization.

Diversification of a business, if done poorly, can create chaos and confusion within the core business and ultimately decrease revenue and profits.

Are you considering diversifying your current business? Diversification may be right for you if…

  • Growth has stagnated.
  • You do not see a long term growth strategy for your core business.
  • You find yourself working in the business, not on the business (lack of volume).
  • You struggle to compete against local, regional and national companies.
  • Profit margins are too low.
  • Your core business does not create equity (resale value).
  • Revenue that is currently subcontracted has greater profit potential.
  • Efficiencies can be created or adopted from the new service offering (i.e. density or cross marketing).
  • Your existing customer base utilizes a service or product from other vendors (possibly even from competitors).
  • You want to expand for future generations or to recruit /retain talent in the company.

What are some reasons businesses do not diversify?

  • They are comfortable with existing business and growth.
  • They do not know how to diversify or what service offering(s) to diversify into.
  • They lack systems to support successful diversification.
  • They lack the energy and resources to fuel new growth.
  • They lack the support needed to implement the additional service or product offering.

Are You Ready for Lawn Care?



Positive consumer perception (everyone wants a green, weed-free lawn).

It is a different business and it needs separate systems to support the business operations.

Maximized productivity and easy scheduling, as services are outside and residents do not need to be home.

Lack of business planning and a solid sales plan can lead to a large investment with low yield.

The industry is growing at an average of 20% each year.

It can be a highly competitive marketplace without the right program to differentiate your company from others.

Tremendous cross marketing opportunities.


Repeat contractual business increases the overall worth and value of your business.


If you are considering making the jump, be sure that you understand the pros and cons and have a firm grasp on your current business situation. Be honest with yourself. You will need to fully commit to building the new business and developing your people. 

Diversifying may be a natural next step for you. Sometimes all it takes is the right opportunity. 

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